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Welcome to Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, a leading Dental Cosmetics and Specialty Care practice in New York City. At Premier Dental Associates, we understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile- That’s why we offer a comprehensive array of dental services including:

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Our practice has been featured on CBS News and Fox 5 News and we are consistently rated as a ELITE PREMIER PROVIDER for Invisalign.

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“Do you wish you could attend a party and take everyone’s breath away by the beauty of your smile? Do you hide your smile because of crooked teeth? You deserve a breath-taking smile, and shouldn’t be scared to show it off to the world. For many years, Dr. Galler has been transforming dull, unhealthy, crooked smiles into healthy breath-taking works of art with Invisalign.

While you can visit any dentist or orthodontist for an Invisalign treatment, Dr. Galler’s creative mind and exceptional work ethic have earned – and well deserved – him a spot as one of the Top 1% Invisalign providers for not just Manhattan or New York, but in the United States. Dr. Galler earned status as a Top 1% level provider, making him one of the few respected and preferred Invisalign Top 1% providers in the Tri-State area.

How does Top 1% provider level affect you? If you have been previously told you’re not a candidate for Invisalign, Premier Dental Associated & Dr. Galler can explore how you can become a candidate for Invisalign. Dr. Galler has excelled his education of Invisalign by attending countless Invisalign summits, forums, and events. His unbeatable amounts of experience and training has soared his skills to be the very best. As one of the most recognized Invisalign experts in the country, Dr. Galler is now a speaker for Invisalign helping to train dentists throughout North America how to treat their patients to the best of their ability with Invisalign.

When you need straight teeth fast, Premier Dental Associates & Dr. Galler are your preferred Invisalign providers. With over a thousand Invisalign cases under his belt, why trust your smile to anyone else? Call us today for a consultation!”